OPUS-CAT MT Engine and CAT plugins

OPUS-CAT MT Engine is a Windows-based machine translation system built on the Marian NMT framework. OPUS-CAT MT Engine makes it possible to use a large selection of advanced neural machine translation models natively on Windows computers. The primary purpose of OPUS-CAT Engine is to provide professional translators local, secure, and confidential neural machine translation in computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools), which are usually Windows-based. To that end, there are plugins available for two of the most popular CAT tools, SDL Trados Studio and memoQ (OPUS-CAT can also be used in the Wordfast CAT tool as a custom provider, and in Memsource and XTM by using a Chrome browser plugin). OPUS-CAT MT Engine provides pretrained MT models for a very wide selection of language pairs, courtesy of the OPUS MT (listing of OPUS MT models and Tatoeba-Challenge listing of Tatoeba-Challenge models projects.

Installing OPUS-CAT MT Engine and plugins


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